There are two options for memberships. Here's the layout:


Our monthly memberships are $60 per person.  Each membership is all-inclusive, unlimited access during normal business hours.


Our pay-as-you-go option is great for folks who need occasional space, You're able to come in and access the same benefits as our monthly members and pay only for what you use. $10 per day.


We offer a private conference area that seats up to 10 people. You're welcome to utilize any of our equipment as needed. The fee is $50 for the first hour, $35 for each additional hour.


If you have a group larger than 10 people coming, we offer rental of the main space at the following rates:   $10 per person for first 3 hours, $5 per person for each additional 3 hour period. You must reserve the space 3 days in advance to assure accommodations.


Member Benefits



Internet service is provided by two separate providers. We utilize Verizon Business Internet and T-Mobile 5G Business Internet.

We keep two active services to provide continuation of service and to allow our clients to utilize the one that best fits with what they need. And to guarantee that we always have service available - even if one service is experiencing technical issues.




Our printing services are available only to our members. Whether you pay as you go or opt for the monthly option, We keep paper & ink available for you.

We do not allow people to print and pay by page. It is not a service we feel is necessary. And it may interfere with access for our paying clients.




Our desktop computers are equipped with Internet, webcams, Microsoft 360 suite, Adobe and more. You're welcome to use these for your convenience.

You're also fully able to bring your own laptop or tablet and connect to the Internet and printers as needed.




We currently have one employee with their Maryland Notary. We are working to get our other employees theirs. Appointments need to be made to utilize this service until we all have ours. Once that's complete, we will have one on-site at all times.

This service is available free to members and for a charge of $4 per signature for everyone else.