What is a CoWorking Space?

A CoWorking Space is a public access location that allows members to utilize the space, equipment and services in an environment that fosters remote work & learning.

Who is a CoWorking Space for?

A CoWorking environment is best used for remote office work, high-school & college virtual/distant learning, and study groups. It is a nice escape from the confines of a home office, an alternative to office space and a place to meet people from other offices to share space and network.

CoWorking spaces offer affordable access to computers, equipment and Internet without the added expenses.

What services are provided at Carroll CoWorking?

We provide each member/user full, unlimited access to:

  • High-speed, Fiber Optic Internet

  • Printer, Fax and Scan

  • Notaries

  • Computers

  • Office Software (Adobe & Microsoft Office 365 Suite)

  • Coffee & Bottled Water

Do you have private meeting space?

We have private meeting space located in the back of our CoWorking Space. Meeting space rental is $50/first hour, $35/each additional hour. You can schedule online at https://carrollcoworking.appointlet.com

Our space includes: projector & screen, whiteboard, privacy, coffee, bottled water. We can seat 10 people comfortably at the conference table.

Where are you located?

We are located in the TownMall of Westminster near the food court, outside of Dick's Sporting Goods.

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