Carroll CoWorking

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Our Solution to an Ongoing Situation

The continuing pandemic has brought a new set of challenges for people who work out of their homes. From Internet stability to bringing clients into home offices to having school aged children homeschooling or quarantined, the challenges are many.  For those small business owners who find that office space is no longer an affordable option, a simple, semi-private space to meet clients has become difficult.

It is our mission to provide solutions to as many of these problems as we can. We offer two Internet services (Verizon Internet & T-Mobile 5G Hotspot) to assure we always have an available service. We provide coffee, tea and bottled water to our clients as well as theirs at no additional charge. Our computers are equipped with webcams to allow for video meetings and your laptops connect easily to our services as well.  We provide 2 printers and do not limit printing. And we have a notary available by appointment. All included in our monthly & daily fees.  We work to keep the environment informal and comfortable and maintain affordability.

It is our sincerest hope that providing this service to the community allows for the success of everyone through these hard times.